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Painting The terror attacks September 9/11-2001.Size 60x50 certificate of excellenceGallery certificate excellence.Outstanding originality art.Presented to Kenneth Gustafsson Sweden.Palm art award 2007. PaintingBlack hole Size 101x82
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Kenneth Gustafsson

” Kenneth Gustafsson Sweden.Palm art award.Gallery certificate excellence.Outstanding originality art.”
Kenneth Gustafsson wins price in leipzig 2007 germany.
Featured in art dictionary 2006 and 2008.I'm with three artist's books in german and english.Prize-giving ceremony. Art domain gallery, leipzig, february 22, 2008, 7 p.m.The prizes will be given to the winners on february 22, 2008, 7pm. In art domain gallery.Your prize includes the medal and award notification.I have studied edvard munch, chagall, picasso,william turner,for 45 years.It's all about rhythm and feelings in my paintings.

Artist Kenneth Gustafsson

You can se my paintings in saatchi gallery in london.
I am contacting you from the saatchi gallery here in london. Whilst searching the web. I came upon your artwork and was impressed by the high standard of work. I would like to tell you about a new development here at the saatchi gallery where you can showcase your work for free. I hope you take this opportunity and I look forward to seeing your work on the saatchi gallery site. Based on the On london's largest gallery.Saatchi gallery in london. Kind regard. Franky frullone. The saatchi gallery. www.saatchigallery.com http://www.saatchionline.com

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Leipzig Germany.Palm art award 2007.Gallery certificate excellence.Outstanding originality art.

Member tyreso art association. Member dalarnas art association.Member art & design vasterberslagen.Member skanes art association. All pictures are protected according to bus in sweden. Contact artist or bus in sweden.If you want to use the pictures in any form.  
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